Hosted Server

The Cloud for Governments

Cloud Government is the perfect solution for an industry that relies on constant communication and collaboration between employees across multiple locations. Prime’s cloud solution can help your organization boost workforce productivity, cut costs, and enhance agility across every sector.


Government entities depend on having the highest level of security for all data and activities. Loss of sensitive information due to failed technology or a natural disaster can be devastating for a government agency. Agencies who maintain an in-house infrastructure face a high risk of critical data loss. Reliable security is crucial for keeping agencies up and running, especially when thousands of people are depending on their services.


Government organizations often have employees working across numerous geographic locations. Employees need to be able to communicate across locations easily and efficiently to keep business processes running smoothly. Most traditional IT systems also require manual software and application updates, which can make it difficult to keep all employees up-to-speed with the latest software all at the same time.

Big Data

Government entities need to gather and manage vast amounts of data, which requires a large network capacity. Most government functions, from building campaigns to measuring data analytics, require heavy infrastructure power. When a government agency relies on physical hardware, they are required to purchase more hardware each time they want to increase their data usage.

Costly Technology

Government organizations are being held back by costly and outdated IT infrastructures. Maintaining in-house infrastructure systems and software pulls money away from other important business sectors, and these IT costs continue to rise every year. As a result, many government entities are forced to dedicate a big portion of their budget to outdated and inefficient IT resources.