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How Cloud Computing Helps the CIO:

The primary duties of the CIO have changed over the last decade. Traditionally, the CIO focused on the management of company hardware and software, and all the data security, backup and anti-virus measures that come part and parcel.  There was a lot of hassle and low pay-off work in the CIO’s domain.

Today the cloud takes over so much of the server and application management, along with the necessary data security and backup, that the CIO is free…but obsolete?

No way! This is the farthest thing from the truth.

CIO sitting at desk

The CIO’s job today is more important than ever. Because companies are becoming reliant on digital solutions, IT has moved directly into the spotlight with an increased emphasis on business strategy.  Today, because they no longer have to deal with the mundane, they can put their emphasis on new systems and new technologies that will allow the business to function more competitively within its market.

How is cloud computing able to support the CIO and help them manage company infrastructure, applications, desktops and email?

How Cloud Computing Helps the CIO:

Makes Integration of Apps a Breeze

When each department within a company is using their own business apps, managing compliance can be a nightmare for the CIO and the IT team. This has always been a problem, but it’s ballooned into a nightmare with the emergence of thousands of cloud service providers, each dedicated to solving specific business problems.

The HR department wants cloud-based recruiting software; the accounting department wants cloud-based finance software; the sales team, and so on. Managing 20, 30 or a 100 different cloud providers and ensuring they work together to provide a strategic, compliant, solution is enough to make any person’s head spin.

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Thankfully, nWorkSpace, the most trusted Workspace as a Service platform, makes managing all of these different apps a breeze for both the CIO and the company’s managed service provider.

The nWorkSpace team delivers a cloud-based workspace that is pre-loaded with all of the desired business apps that employees needs. Each person within a department is able to access the software they need from their own personalized workspace, from any device they choose.

The CIO can rest assured knowing that each employee has access to the approved apps he or she needs and that all of the data passed through these apps is secure and backed up. Should an issue occur, the CIO and the managed service provider can help employees get back up and running within minutes.

A Smooth, Fast Transition is Achievable 

Making the transition to new technology is no longer the lengthy, complicated process it used to be. Thanks to cloud computing the CIO can set aggressive goals for having new software up and running within days, thereby proving his strategic worth to the organization.

cloud computing efficiency

There are no servers to setup, no infrastructure processes to test and no virus protection apps to install as long as you are working with a cloud partner that uses a Tier IV data center with all of this already built in.

Make the BYOD Policy Secure

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy for laptops and mobile devices is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

bring your own device

Instead of fighting against the tide, the CIO can ride the wave feeling secure that all sensitive data will remain in the cloud. This means if a device is lost, stolen or otherwise compromised, the data can be wiped clean from the device, eliminating any long-term security risks.